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Summer of Content Solutions: DITA 2013

by Misty Weaver Another Way to Chunk a Blob DITA has been something of a sleeper hit in the technical content world but it’s taking a leading role in content strategy this sum… /blog/2013/07/summer-content-solutions-dita-2013/

Webinar Updates

If you missed Paula's webinar on "Web Content Strategy: Understanding Content Inventories and Audits," no problem. The webinar is available for viewing on demand here. There's … /blog/2013/07/webinar-updates/

Learn More About Content Audits

Want to learn more about content inventories, audits, and how CAT can help? We have two exciting events coming up this week. Explore CAT with Paula Land: Content Analysis Tool … /blog/2013/07/learn-more-about-content-audits/

Content Strategy is Change Management

by Misty Weaver From Resentment to Respect In content strategy and change resistance, Sara O’Keefe reminds us that a central principle of our work is change. Whether that’s to… /blog/2013/07/content-strategy-change-management/

Information Hoarders: Content Overload

by Katherine Hagan Recently I've worked with a number of non-profits creating a redesign for their websites. All of these groups seemed to have a similar problem. Many business… /blog/2013/07/information-hoarders-content-overload/