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This thing rocks... Had to share! A New Tool for Your Content Arsenal - CAT (The Content Analysis Tool) —Brody Dorland


"One of the least-hyped-but-useful features in Content Insight's inventory tool is the Job Summary... It should be your Distant Early Warning system when estimating for any new project." —Scott Pierce, Senior Content Strategist


Using CAT even the first time made me understand the high cost of "free" tools that required hours of spreadsheet clean up and still had gaps in the metadata, H1 tags and keywords I needed most. I was able to do in ten minutes using CAT what used to take closer to ten hours. The time saved gave me the ability to spend more time on content analysis and more valuable effort for my client. —Beth Bader, Director of User Experience, VML


I've found CAT to be a great time-saver and a valuable source of insight. It's enabled me to quickly answer questions around site scope, and to gather the foundations for a content audit in hours instead of days (or weeks). By helping me see basic structure and metadata trends more easily, it also puts time back in my schedule to focus on more strategic content and messaging issues — and give my clients the best value for their money. —Kerry Carnahan Ellis


"I like using CAT because it was designed by and for content strategists—and improved features are rolling out all the time." —Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Twitter_icon.png"Want to save a significant portion of your #ContentStrategy budget for the actual strategy work? I am loving @content_insight for audits." —Kris Mausser


Take the Tour

Take this quick tour through the CAT screens to learn about the features of CAT.

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Dashboard Job


CAT Is Becoming ContentWRX Audit

cwrx audit.pngContent Science is bringing CAT into the ContentWRX product fold. What this means for you? The same great performance and more capabilities to audit and evaluate your content.

Content Science Has Acquired CAT

We're delighted to announce that Content Science has acquired CAT, effective January 1, 2020.

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