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A series of articles about how to begin with a CAT-powered content inventory and turn it into a qualitative audit.

Part One: A Template for Content Inventory and Audit
Part Two: Auditing for Content Performance
Part Three: Using Personas in Content Audits
Part Four: The Qualitative Content Audit
Part Five: The Competitive Content Audit

Introduction to Content Inventories and Audits

Website Content Inventories

The key to successful website content maintenance is first understanding your assets. Using content inventory software like the Content Analysis Tool (CAT) saves valuable time in gathering data about your website and allows you to spend more time focusing on the quality (versus the quantity) of content.

Website Content Audits

Whether you’'re migrating a site or just maintaining it, taking the time to regularly audit will help you provide the most consistent, current and relevant content to your users. Using website content audit software to create that initial overview will help you plan for a more efficient and useful deeper analysis.

Tracking Website Content

In maintaining and managing a site, keeping an updated inventory of all your website content assets has many benefits for on-going governance. Software tools like the Content Analysis Tool (CAT), can make this formerly painstaking process easy to adopt.

Who Audits?

Who should take part in auditing your site content? Anyone with a stake in how content is created, organized, and displayed can conduct a content audit.

Why Use CAT?

Why use an automated content inventory tool like CAT to kickstart your content project? Because it's fast, easy, and provides a great base from which to build your strategy.

Tips for Creating Effective Content Inventories

Knowing your audience, your goal, and your timeline can help you plan for the most effective use of your inventory.

Turning a Content Inventory into a Content Matrix

Using an automated content inventory created by CAT as the foundation gives you a head start on populating a content matrix.

What is a Content Inventory?

Just what is a content inventory and how is it used?


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