About Us

ContentWRX Audit is the result of innovation spearheaded by content strategists and owned by Content Science.

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Content Science is the leading content intelligence and strategy company, partnering with the world’s top organizations to transform digital business.

Solving Content Problems with Products

The Content Science team, led by founder Colleen Jones, is dedicated to making content inventories and audits faster and more useful than ever with ContentWRX Audit. Our roadmap includes continuous performance enhancement and more reporting features.

We also run ContentWRX Effectiveness, which we developed, tested, and refined into a product that makes operationalizing content intelligence faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever.

Together, the ContentWRX Audit and Effectiveness products enable anyone who cares about content to spend less time wrangling it and more time gaining insight for strategy and operational planning.

Our boundless curiosity, love of all things content, and relentless pursuit of data science drive us to continue to innovate the ContentWRX products. With content transformation being the critical path to digital business transformation, we won’t stop anytime soon.

From CAT to ContentWRX Audit

ContentWRX Audit started in 2011 as Content Analysis Tool, a product developed by content strategy pioneer Paula Land and information technology leader Rebecca Benton. From the beginning, the vision was to create a useful tool to enable content strategists, content marketers, user experience architects, content engineers—and basically anyone who cares about content—more easily understand the current state of their content.

Content Science acquired the tool in 2019 and renamed it ContentWRX Audit. We’re excited to evolve the product and expand related services while staying true to the vision.


Careers + Internships

We seek smart, talented, competitive, and gritty people. Interested in joining the ContentWRX team at Content Science? Check for job listings over at our online magazine or contact us.