People Are Talking - About Content Strategy Tools

Aug 31, 2012

A craftsman of any type relies on tools to help make a job easier and faster, with a higher-quality, more predictable outcome. Content strategists and user experience architects are no different. They, too, need reliable, easy-to-use tools that relieve some of the tedium and free up their most important tool——their brain——to focus on the creative and evaluative tasks that are both more interesting to do and more valuable to the end result. Automating the tactical to make more room for the strategic leads to better results and happier craftspeople and customers.

That's why it's so gratifying to see the conversations about tools that are happening in the community. Content strategy guru Rahel Bailie kicked off lively discussions in a recent Google Content Strategy Group post and another in the LinkedIn Content Strategy group asking for a list of tools people use in their profession. Another recent LinkedIn Content Strategy group thread focused specifically on tools for content inventories.

The array of tools used by content strategists and UX professionals is increasing beyond the old standbys like Excel and Visio and the tools are becoming more specialized and sophisticated. All of this is great news for the community and we look forward to launching the Content Analysis Tool (CAT) and joining the fray.


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