Where in the World is CAT?

Sep 27, 2012

With the CAT preview available for a week now, we've been able to learn some interesting things about who does content inventories and where they are, both geographically and professionally. We're very excited to see users from all over the world—the U.S., Australia, England, Brazil, Pakistan, Peru, Germany, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, and more.

Just as interesting—and gratifying—is to see the variety of organizations represented. Small and large agencies, universities, governmental organizations, even individuals managing their own sites—all indicative of the incredible variety of individuals and scenarios for which content inventories are useful. The clear message seems to be that if you manage content, your own or your organization's, a little or a lot, you need data to help you manage it effectively and efficiently. That's where tools can help and why we want CAT to be your go-to source for content data.

We're delighted to see this broad reach, especially so early in our preview, and we encourage anyone who hasn't signed up yet to do so. We want and need your feedback to help us build a tool that helps you. We also encourage you to participate in a survey we've created about content inventories to help us learn even more about how and when you use them.

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