Spreading the Word About CAT

Jan 28, 2013

Here at Content Insight, we consider ourselves fortunate to be joining the toolbox of all the other great content and user experience tools out there. There's never been a better time for tools, whether you're planning an editorial calendar, collaborating on content with your clients or peers, managing your customer or email lists, your task list, or, of course, doing content inventories and audits!

A couple of our favorite tools companies recently invited Paula to publish guest posts on their sites. On GatherContent, she wrote about how to automate content audits, letting computers do what they do best—finding, retrieving, processing large quantities of data—so the humans can focus on what they do best—creating, analyzing, strategizing. Combining the strengths of a tool like CAT with the strengths of a content person gets you to the strategy phase faster.

On DivvyHQ, Paula wrote about how CAT helps you move from data analysis to content analysis. And isn't that where we all want to be focused?


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