Spring Cleaning for Your Content: Tips from Content Experts

Apr 08, 2014

Looking for a fresh take on your content? Performing regular inventory and evaluation of your assets can help improve current offerings as well as shape even more targeted, engaging content for the future. Whether it’s your first inventory or you’re performing regular rolling analysis of your content, a little help can’t hurt.

AWeber hosted a recent TweetChat about the role of content inventories and audits in marketing. The expert panel featured people focused on content for the web, social media and SEO (including our community manager, Misty Weaver). AWeber’s Brandon Olson asked some great questions and Sarah Best-Wilson, Amanda Galluci, Kathryn Hawkins and Eric Siu delivered helpful, insightful responses. Here’s a snapshot of the chat.

 Q: How do you know when you need a content audit?

 A: “All websites need periodic content audits to see if your content is fresh, discover popular content topics, check your SEO. It is most critical to do a content audit when you’re getting ready for a website redesign and rethinking your navigation.”

—Sarah Best-Wilson, @MightyBytes

Q: How do you go about performing a content audit? Where do you focus your attention?

A: “Divide your audit into a few different sections: link info, metadata, headers, audience, social metrics. First focus your attention on quick wins like making sure titles and descriptions are all under the character limit. Then more importantly focus on what metrics most closely correlate to the major goals of your business”

Amanda Gallucci, @agalluch

Q: How can looking at your competitors' content help you improve your own content?

A: “Look at competitors’ sites to get a feel for their tone and see who they’re trying to attract.  Chances are, you’re after the same audience so it’s helpful to see the messaging they use. Find the key difference that sets you apart, and spotlight that in your own content. You can (and should) create a dialogue with your competitors - draw from them, link to them, share knowledge.”

Kathryn Hawkins, @kathrynhawkins

Q: What tips can help people improve the content of their blog or marketing material

A: “Ask yourself, 'how do I want my reader to feel?' before producing any content. That helps frame things in the right way.”Ask also, “'would I share this via social media?' - if not,  then it probably isn't good enough.”

Eric Siu, @ericosiu

Q: What do you do with the information when an audit is done?

A: “Use your content audit results to update your current website and channels and set a path forward. Set new goals for content that meets business objectives and audience needs. After an audit, schedule your next content review. Either to evaluate new content or to look at new criteria.”

Misty Weaver, @meaningmeasure

Read the #AWeberHour storify to see all the panelists tips for refreshing content with an audit. Ready to roll on your next inventory? CAT has a free trial option so you can check it out before you buy. 

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