Investing in High-Performing Content

Aug 13, 2015

Quality content is an investment—an investment in your business’s success and your customers’ satisfaction. Just as an investor in the stock market is constantly tracking portfolio performance and making adjustments to ensure it stays profitable, the owners of business content need to be monitoring the performance of their investments.

To do that, you need to embrace a performance-driven content model. That means regularly inventorying and auditing your content against the metrics you’ve determined are relevant to your business and user context.

Start by regularly running a CAT inventory that includes your analytics data, so you always know what you have and you can keep on top of content that is aging or isn’t getting the traffic and engagement it should. Build that regular assessment into a performance-driven content model to ensure that you’re incorporating what you learn from your analysis into necessary improvements of current content and informed planning for future content.

To learn more about building out a performance-driven content model, read Kevin Nichols’ recent post on GatherContent, “Performance driven content: the key to successful content.” Then read my follow-on post, “Embracing and sustaining performance-driven content,” to learn more about ongoing analysis and putting a governance model into place to ensure quality content over time.

Kevin and I will be co-presenting workshops on the topic of performance-driven content at Confab Intensive (sold out!) and Information Development World (register today).

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Paula Land


Paula Land is co-founder and CEO of Content Insight and author of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook.

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