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Dec 07, 2015

Bad customer experience can have a negative effect on your company’s brand and sales. It can cost you customer loyalty and the expense of providing customer service to compensate for poor experiences. A recent whitepaper by SDL, “Avoid CX Failure Fallout: 6 Steps to Customer Experience Success,” showed that 64% of customers surveyed will take some form of negative action in response to a bad customer experience—from taking their business to a competitor to actively disparaging the disappointing brand. Customer experience takes many forms, but content plays a key role in most of them. From the content that helps generate awareness of your business, to the content describing your product or service that helps a customer make a purchase decision, to the content that supports ongoing informational needs during the customer’s lifetime with your product. Customer experience content even spans the content you don’t own—the places where your customers (happy or disgruntled) are sharing their opinions about your product or your brand.

At Information Development World 2015, I presented a session called “The Role of Content in Customer Experience.” The slides for that session are available on Slideshare and I’ve written a longer-form article on the topic for our articles section.

The presentation and the article talk about why customer experience matters and how to audit your content to see how well it is meeting your customers’ needs. The article covers beginning with the critical inputs of customer research and your customer journey, inventorying your content, mapping content against the journey and assessing the gaps, and operationalizing great content. 

Here’s to great content and great customer experience!

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Paula Land


Paula Land is co-founder and CEO of Content Insight and author of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook.

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