CAT's a Trendsetter

May 10, 2017

trendsetting_products_2017.pngWe are delighted that CAT has been chosen a Trendsetting Product of 2017 by EContent Magazine. The list features products that help content providers "stay on top of their game." We couldn't agree more that part of staying on top of your content game is staying on top of your content. Spending the time to regularly inventory and audit your content helps you understand what you have to work with to support content initiatives and where the gaps are, and contributes to the goal of keeping your content up to date and of consistently high quality. For more about how an automated inventory can save you time and give you insight into your content, check out our oldie-but-goodie article, Website Content Inventories.

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Paula Land


Paula Land is co-founder and CEO of Content Insight and author of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook.

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