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Data Wranglers, Unite!

All you have to lose is your frustration A recent article in the New York Times, “For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights,” discusses the… /blog/2014/08/data-wranglers-unite/

Eating Our Own CAT Food

In the tech world, you often hear the phrase “eating our own dog food”—meaning using your own products in real-world situations to see what your users are experiencing.… /blog/2014/03/eating-our-own-cat-food/

Who Uses CAT?

by Kate Hagan At Content Insight we are always interested in finding out more about our users. We want to be responsive to our customer needs and part of that is understanding… /blog/2013/06/who-uses-cat/

The CAT's Playing Away

CAT at Confab We're thrilled to be a sponsor of Confab Minneapolis, the conference of Content Strategy conversation over cake. Join us virtually by signing up for our monthly… /blog/2013/06/cats-playing-away/

CAT in Action: Customer Pro Tips

One of our customers shared her story about how she's using CAT and we thought we'd share it with you.  "The UW iSchool completely redesigned the main website last year and… /blog/2013/05/cat-action-customer-pro-tips/

Become a CAT Expert with Power Tips

We've published a trio of short articles designed to help you get the most of out of CAT from nose to tail—beginning with setting up a CAT crawl for maximum accuracy, working… /blog/2013/02/become-cat-expert-power-tips/

Spreading the Word About CAT

Here at Content Insight, we consider ourselves fortunate to be joining the toolbox of all the other great content and user experience tools out there. There's never been a better… /blog/2013/01/spreading-word-about-cat/

CAT, Week 2

We've officially been live for a little over a week now and are delighted with the response. A lot of people have signed up for the free trial and run jobs and the feedback has… /blog/2013/01/cat-week-2/

Where in the World is CAT?

With the CAT preview available for a week now, we've been able to learn some interesting things about who does content inventories and where they are, both geographically and… /blog/2012/09/where-world-cat/

People Are Talking - About Content Strategy Tools

A craftsman of any type relies on tools to help make a job easier and faster, with a higher-quality, more predictable outcome. Content strategists and user experience architects… /blog/2012/08/people-are-talking-about-content-strategy-tools/

CAT Goes to Confab

Confab 2012 is just around the corner——a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other content-minded folks and hear about their processes, success stories, and pain points.… /blog/2012/05/cat-goes-confab/