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Managing Your Inventory

Your content is a business asset. You invested in planning it, creating it, storing it, and building it onto your website. Like any business asset, it has value—until it… /blog/2018/01/managing-your-inventory/

The Art and Science of Inventory Setup

CAT is intended to be a self-service, set-it-and-let-it-run tool, but setting up an inventory for maximum effectiveness can be a bit of an art and a science. The internet is full… /blog/2016/10/the-art-and-science-of-inventories/

Align Your Message and Your Impact with a Content Inventory

When planning your 2015 content strategy, one of the most powerful tools you can have is an updated content inventory and audit—as long as you can convince everyone else that… /blog/2014/11/align-your-message-and-your-impact-content-inventory/

You Have Data! Now What?

How to Read a Content Inventory The beauty of running an automated content inventory with CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, is that you give it a URL and tell it to go. A short… /blog/2014/06/you-have-data-now-what/

Content Inventory Now

by Scott Pierce, Guest Blogger When is the best time to perform a content inventory? There, I’ve asked it. Because nobody around you will. After you’ve explained what… /blog/2013/03/content-inventory-now/

Doing Even More with Your Content Inventory

If you've gotten the impression that we think the content inventory is a fundamental piece of a website content strategy or design process, well, you're right. Not only is a… /blog/2013/02/doing-even-more-your-content-inventory/

The Lighter Side of Content Inventories

Marcin Treder recently detailed the Dark Side of User Experience Design and got us thinking about the Dark Side of Content Strategy. In his view, the dark side is the obsessive… /blog/2012/12/lighter-side-content-inventories/

Inventory Tactics: Content Planning

Knowing what you have is the first step to making the best use of existing content and planning for future content. Most content publishers agree that, as Brody Dorland… /blog/2012/11/inventory-tactics-content-planning/

Content Inventory Insights: Survey Results

We recently asked CAT preview users and colleagues in the content-related professions to tell us their experiences conducting and using content inventories.  It’s no surprise… /blog/2012/10/content-inventory-insights-survey-results/