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Objectives-Based Content

How to determine your content objectives, map content against them, and analyze and govern content for effectiveness.
Key to assessing whether your content is doing what it should be is being able to articulate up front what your objectives for it are. If you don’t know what it’s intended… /blog/2017/02/objectives-based-content/

Speed Up and Simplify Content Approvals

by Sandra LeDuc, guest blogger A few years ago, just days prior to a major website launch I was managing, I arrived at work to find a stack of papers atop my keyboard. The… /blog/2013/11/speed-and-simplify-content-approvals/

The ROI of Content Inventories and Audits

How Much is Your Time Worth? The typical rap on content inventories is that they’re tedious, time-consuming, and, we’ll say it one more time, “mind-numbing.” But I think… /blog/2013/09/roi-content-inventories-and-audits/

Pavlov's Icon

by Katherine Hagan, guest blogger Designing for the Inner Dog How conditioning and inferences influence content consumption In a world of ever expanding web content it… /blog/2013/09/pavlovs-icon/

Webinar Updates

If you missed Paula's webinar on "Web Content Strategy: Understanding Content Inventories and Audits," no problem. The webinar is available for viewing on demand here.… /blog/2013/07/webinar-updates/

Content Strategy is Change Management

by Misty Weaver From Resentment to Respect In content strategy and change resistance, Sara O’Keefe reminds us that a central principle of our work is change. Whether… /blog/2013/07/content-strategy-change-management/

Information Hoarders: Content Overload

by Katherine Hagan Recently I've worked with a number of non-profits creating a redesign for their websites. All of these groups seemed to have a similar problem. Many… /blog/2013/07/information-hoarders-content-overload/