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Content and Customer Experience

Bad customer experience can have a negative effect on your company’s brand and sales. It can cost you customer loyalty and the expense of providing customer service to… /blog/2015/12/content-and-customer-experience/

Defining and Aligning Content Goals and Business Objectives, Part 5

In this series, we've outlined a framework for content improvement using the DMAIC model. In Part 1: Define, we looked at how to determine the business and user goals against… /blog/2015/03/defining-and-aligning-content-goals-and-business-objectives-part-5/

Defining and Aligning Content Goals and Business Objectives, Part 4

Previous posts, we talked about how to define, measure, and analyze content against business goals. Today, we talk about how to build those steps into an ongoing process of… /blog/2015/03/defining-and-aligning-content-goals-and-business-objectives-part-4/

Defining and Aligning Content Goals and Business Objectives, Part 3

In previous posts, we've looked at the Define and Measure steps of the content improvement framework. Today, we look at Analyze. Part 3: Analyze—Look for patterns, find root… /blog/2015/03/defining-and-aligning-content-goals-and-business-objectives-part-3/

Defining and Aligning Content Goals and Business Objectives, Part 2

In last week's post, we discussed how to establish the goals against which content will be audited. This week, we look at the next step in the DMAIC framework: Measure. Part 2:… /blog/2015/02/defining-and-aligning-content-goals-and-business-objectives-part-2/

Defining and Aligning Content Goals and Business Objectives

Introduction Before we can align content goals—let alone make content plans—with business objectives, we need to understand what those business objectives are and plan for an… /blog/2015/02/defining-and-aligning-content-goals-and-business-objectives/

Resolve to Make a Clean Content Start

It's a new year and what better time than now to evaluate and clean up your site content? If you've been waiting for a reason to try CAT to kickstart your content projects, we… /blog/2015/01/resolve-make-clean-content-start1/

Content Auditing 101

Start with the basics of content auditing, and move to more advanced tasks.
When it comes to auditing content, each situation is unique, but there are a set of criteria that can be applied in any situation. It can be hard to know where to start sometimes,… /blog/2014/12/content-auditing-101/

The Role of Content Inventories and Audits in Governance

Website content governance is a topic of interest to a lot of content strategists and site managers. How do you ensure that the content on your site is accurate and effective over… /blog/2014/12/role-content-inventories-and-audits-governance/

Understanding Content Inventories, Audits and Analysis: Workshop Wrap-Up

Thanks to the attendees of my workshop, Understanding Web Content Inventories, Audits and Analysis, at Information Development World last week. The group proved that, even with… /blog/2014/10/understanding-content-inventories-audits-and-analysis-workshop-wrap/

We're Looking for a Few Good Sites (to Audit)

Nominate Your Site for a Free Audit I'll be presenting a full-day workshop called Understanding Content Inventories, Audits, and Analysis at Information Development World later… /blog/2014/10/were-looking-few-good-sites-audit/

Going Deep on Content Inventories and Audits

Now Available—Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook A comprehensive content strategy is built on a foundation of thorough understanding and analysis of existing content,… /blog/2014/09/going-deep-content-inventories-and-audits/

Planning an Inventory and Audit Project

  Update September 23, 2014: Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook, from which this post is excerpted, is now available. Laying the Groundwork Getting organizational… /blog/2014/08/planning-inventory-and-audit-project/

Creating Content Audits that Deliver Results

Results-Driven Content Audits Thrive on Context We recently noticed an increase in articles, tweets and conversations about content audits. After tracking the term for three… /blog/2014/05/creating-content-audits-deliver-results/

Spring Cleaning for Your Content: Tips from Content Experts

Looking for a fresh take on your content? Performing regular inventory and evaluation of your assets can help improve current offerings as well as shape even more targeted,… /blog/2014/04/spring-cleaning-your-content-tips-content-experts/

The ROI of Content Inventories and Audits

How Much is Your Time Worth? The typical rap on content inventories is that they’re tedious, time-consuming, and, we’ll say it one more time, “mind-numbing.” But I think… /blog/2013/09/roi-content-inventories-and-audits/