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Welcome to the ContentWRX Audit help and support center. Here, you'll find all the resources you need to help you get started with ContentWRX Audit, create successful crawls, and manage your account. 

Getting Started

Learn how to create and activate an account to begin using ContentWRX Audit.


Setting Up a ContentWRX Audit Crawl

Watch this short video on how to set up your first ContentWRX Audit crawl.





Explore our complete library of articles about ContentWRX Audit, content inventories, and content audits.


Tour ContentWRX Audit

Learn about ContentWRX Audit's features.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about ContentWRX Audit.


User Guide

Read the complete guide to using ContentWRX Audit.


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Set up a personalized demo of ContentWRX Audit for your organization.


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Need More Help?

If you have a complicated crawl and need help configuring setup, we can consult. Try our Crawl Concierge service. For a fee of $50/hour we can work with you to craft a specialized crawl or even run the crawl for you and load the results in your dashboard.