Content Analysis Tool (CAT)

Automated Content Inventories

A content inventory is a key starting point for website content planning, auditing, project scoping and estimation, content management, and ongoing website content tracking. But creating content inventories can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Until now, content strategists, user experience architects, and content managers have had to struggle with inadequate, clunky tools that require many hours of post-processing work to create usable reports.

The Content Analysis Tool (CAT) is purpose-built to create usable, detailed, automated content inventories. Designed with an easy-to-use dashboard interface, CAT allows users and administrators to manage multiple content inventory projects, quickly and easily generating a rich set of data to enable deeper analysis. And there's nothing to install—it's all in the cloud!

Why automate with a content inventory tool like CAT? Because a thorough inventory requires gathering a lot of data and if you’re a busy content strategist, information architect, or site manager, you want to move from the data gathering to the analysis stage as quickly as possible.

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User Friendly, Data Rich

CAT crawls your website to return a rich set of data about every page. Your CAT inventory includes

  • All page URLs and the files associated with them
  • File type
  • Image, video, and document links
  • Metadata (title, description, keywords)
  • Google Analytics data
  • H1 text
  • Links in and links out
  • A screenshot of the page
  • Word count

CAT presents your data in an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to quickly and easily

  • View, sort, and filter completed job data
  • Re-run a crawl and compare the results to an earlier report
  • View and save images and documents
  • Add your own columns and tags as well as notes to each page
  • Export data for offline analysis

Integrated Analytics

CAT includes integration with Google Analytics, allowing you to include valuable performance data right in your job details for an integrated analysis experience. Our expanded analytics capability includes: 

  • Pageviews
  • % Exit
  • Bounce rate
  • Unique page views
  • Average time on page
  • Entrances

Plus, you can now set your own date range for data—select from previous month or week or set your own custom dates. 

Dashboard Search

With search functionality now built into the CAT dashboard, you can quickly and easily search for any string—URLs, URL fragments, file names, keywords, and more—and find matches in job details, resource details, or both. 

Enhance Your Data

Add custom columns and tag files with custom tag sets to create your own annotations and add even more information to your crawl. Your custom columns and tags are included in your export. 

The Technology Behind CAT

CAT's technology is rooted in the idea that getting clean and complete data and analyzing it effectively is crucial to content analysis. Our crawler is scaleable and modular, ensuring that the technology will keep pace with the ever-changing nature of the Web. We deploy a distributed network of machines that work in parallel and scale dynamically so we can quickly crawl large sites.

After a job has been completed, CAT generates reports that can be viewed online or downloaded as CSV files. Every report you create is saved in the database so you can review and re-run at any time.

You can even track changes to your site over time, because the diffing feature in CAT lets you compare reports so you can easily see what's changed and get a quick snapshot of your site's status.

Learn more about how using an automated content inventory can help you move from data analysis to content analysis faster and easier. Give CAT a try.


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