CAT for Content Strategists

The content inventories created by CAT will help you scope, plan, and manage your content strategy project. Content inventories are useful to content strategists in every phase of a project, or as Kristina Halvorson puts it, “The Content Inventory is Your Friend.” It allows you to assess the breadth and depth of your site and create a baseline against which to measure ongoing development or a redesign. CAT lets you spend less time cataloging, more time analyzing and strategizing.

How Content Strategists Use Content Inventories

  • Scope projects: How much content does the website really have? Of what types?
  • Assess URL structure: Are pages labeled in the most useful and findable way?
  • Identify content patterns: What hierarchy and relationships can be determined from the URL structure?
  • Identify outdated content: When was this content created and updated?
  • Identify duplicate content: How many pages have the same name?
  • Assess metadata: How is content tagged?
  • Track content through migration: What content should be kept, killed and/or revised?

How CAT Helps

CAT returns data about each page on your site, including metadata, date, images, videos, documents or other downloads associated with the page and links in and out from the page. You can even

  • View and save screenshots of every page to retain a visual reference
  • Track changes in your content over time, run periodic crawls and use the job comparison feature to view the differences——see what's been added, changed, or deleted at a glance
  • Make notes about each page right in the CAT dashboard and share with others
  • Export data to Excel or another tool for further analysis

Content Inventories Enable

  • Content audits: From content accuracy to ownership, credibility to SEO, audit potential is limited only by time and budget
  • Website content migration worksheets
  • Content development planning and tracking

Learn more about how CAT helps create easy, fast, and accurate content inventories.