Power Tips: Views and Custom Columns

CAT now allows you to create and populate up to three custom columns and “tag” files with column values. For example, you might include columns for content type, business owner, or status—or any other useful information you wish to track for each page on your site. Your columns and values will be visible in Resource Detail view and will be included in your job export.

You can also customize the set of columns that appears in Job Detail view. This allows you to hide columns you don’t wish to see and focus just on the data you want.

Edit View

To change the set of columns that appears in Job Detail view, click Edit View from the Actions menu.


Checkboxes appear next to the columns that can be hidden; uncheck the ones you wish to hide and click Save View.


To undo your action, just click Show All and all columns will again be visible.

Custom Columns

1.  To add custom columns and vocabularies, click Custom Columns from the Actions menu.

2.  In the module that opens, you can create up to three columns, give them labels, and add a list of values for the column. If you need additional rows, click the green + button and continue to add rows as needed.


Creating columns and tagsets

Note: You do not have to create a set of values. You can also edit directly within the cells of the Job Detail table.

3.  Click Save and your new columns will appear in your Job Detail view.

4.  To add a value to a cell, click into it and a drop-down will appear with the values you made available for that column. Select a value and move on to the next.


Adding custom column values

5.  To view or edit custom column values in Resource Details, see the Custom Tags and Notes section. There you can view or change the values set in Job Detail or add values if you haven’t previously.


Viewing and editing tags in Resource Detail view