Power Tips: CAT Exports

CAT allows you to export your crawl data at two levels, letting you dive deeper into your entire site file list or the specifics of an individual page. Export files are .csv files that can be opened with Microsoft Excel or other programs such as OpenOffice or Google docs.

Job-Level Export

The job-level export is available from the Job Summary and Details view. Open a completed job from the Dashboard and you’ll see the Export action listed at the top of the job details pane. Click Export and you will have the option of opening or saving the file.

By default, the export will be given a file name like catExport-6. If you wish to name the file to something more meaningful, choose Save File rather than Open.

The job-level export includes the following data:

  • Location
  • Type
  • Size
  • Date
  • Level
  • Title (meta-title)
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • H1 Tag text
  • Word count
  • Analytics data (if configured in job setup)
  • Custom columns and tags (if added in Job Details)
  • Links In (a count, not the list of links)
  • Links Out (count)
  • Images (count)
  • Videos (count)
  • Downloads (count)
  • Notes (the notes you added in resource details)
  • TIP:  If you have filtered the results of your job details (by status or file type), your export will reflect that filtering. This is a good way to pre-clean up your export if, for example, you only want HTML and image files in your inventory.


Snippet of a full job export

Resource Details Export

If you want all of the specific data about a particular page, you can export from the resource details level. Click Export Resource Details at the top of the details pane. Your export will include all the data shown on the resource details view, including all the actual links in and out and the notes you’ve added to the Notes field.

The Notes you add at the Resource Details level will also appear in the Job-Level export, so the information you add can be used as a sortable column in Excel. For example, you may wish to enter a review status or content business owner name.

The Resource Details export can also be the basis for a migration evaluation or a list of links to redirect in case a page is scheduled for removal.