Power Tips: The Dashboard

The CAT dashboard is the nerve center of the tool: it’s where you manage and interact with all your job data.


The various dashboard views allow you to choose the level of detail at which you want to view your site data—from high-level summary all the way down to page-level details.

Job Queue

Once you’ve set up a CAT job (or crawl), you can track its progress in the Job Queue. When the job has completed, the results display in the Completed Jobs list.

Completed Jobs

All your completed jobs are listed in the lower part of the Dashboard tab. You can sort them by the project, job, description, or run date column headings. From here, you can open the job; clone it (opens job setup with the parameters you set for the original, allowing you to make any tweaks before re-running); re-run (exactly as originally set up); edit the project name, job name or description; or delete the job and all its data.

If you forgot to add a project name or description in job setup, click the Edit icon and add them here.

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