Selecting a CAT Plan

Two Ways to Buy

Use of CAT can be purchased in two ways: block purchases and monthly recurring subscriptions.


Both options are based on the number of pages crawled. There is no restriction on the number of domains you can run crawls on; the only restriction is your available page count. You can always see your available page count in your My Account area or on the Job Setup tab, where it appears beneath the Max Pages form field.

Note: Although CAT catalogues all files found on the site, including images, videos, audio files, documents, CSS, and others, only HTML pages are counted against your subscription.

Important: Careful attention to job setup parameters will help ensure that your crawl is complete and returns the results you expect. Learn more about how to set up your crawl. If you are unsure how to set up your crawl, contact us. If your crawl consumes your available pages, we can't replace the pages in your account unless there was a crawl error, so careful setup is important.

Block plans are not time-based—you can use the pages over any period of time you choose and there is no expiration date. You can combine blocks to get the optimal number of pages you need. 

Once pages have been used, they cannot be replaced by deleting data from your account. When a block has been used, you will need to purchase additional pages in order to run additional crawls. 

Monthly plans are based on recurring renewal of the pages and recurring billing. Each month, on the anniversary of the account, you will receive another quantity of pages and your credit card will be billed. Unused pages roll over for 30 days, so if you don’t use all the pages in a month, they will be available to you the next month.

Example: You have 10,000 unused pages in your Professional subscription one month. Those 10,000 pages are added to the next month’s 50,000 pages, giving you a total of 60,000 pages to use.

Which is right for you? If you run frequent crawls, you may find the monthly subscription convenient, so  you’ll always have pages available. Block plans may be more appropriate if you run fewer crawls or run less frequently.

Note that just as blocks can be combined, monthly plans can be supplemented with block purchases if you need more pages but aren’t at your renewal date.

Deciding How Much to Buy

Before you begin your crawl, be sure you have enough pages in your account to crawl your site. How do you know how many pages your site has? If you have access to reports from your CMS, you may be able to get a page count. If not, you can see how many pages Google indexes for your site by going to Google, typing in site:<site URL>. At the top of the results, you’ll see a line of text reading “About <number> results”. This should give you a good indication of how many pages you’ll need.

Note: CAT will stop crawling when it reaches the end of your site or the end of your available subscription pages, whichever comes first. If you aren’t sure of your site size or believe it may fall close to the limit of a block, we suggest you purchase the next size up (or combine two blocks) to be sure you’ll have enough pages. Any unused pages remain in your account and can be added to and used for later crawls.

You can find how many pages you have available in your subscription either in your My Account / Subscriptions tab or on the Job Setup form, under the Max # Pages form field.