The Content Insight Newsletter - August 2013

Content audit: It's time well-saved

With a live workshop, a couple of webinars and two G+ Hangouts, we saw high demand for content audit knowledge and discussion this July. Conversations about how to truly understand the quantitative and qualitative value of content definitely make us want to lean in, and hear more from you. We'll keep expanding our writing and social media curation and we hope you'll keep bringing us great questions and insights on any channel you like.

Next, the World: Developing a Global Content Strategy

In July, Paula Land shared her content audit expertise at Content Strategy Workshops and with the Content Wrangler Webinar. Our next workshop is October 9, a full-day event with Val Swisher at LocWorld. In Developing a Global Content Strategy, we'll cover the seven components of global content strategy, how to conduct a content inventory and content audit, and offer a useful mix of global content strategy best practices. In this hands-on workshop, we'll work in groups to conduct an online global website content inventory and form a strategy for sharing results.

Content strategy for the world stage

Read these primers to get a feel for what we mean by global content strategy

Why you need a global content strategy 
by Val Swisher. This overview of the business case and value of global CS is a great introduction to her work and what we'll be discussing in the workshop.

Finding the right content fit for your global audience
by Lise Janody. Valuable tips for looking at market, cultural, and internal forces when making global content decisions.

Up Close with CAT: Request a Demo

If you want to know how CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, fits into your work or your team's toolbox, Paula is now offering live demos. Content Insight CEO Paula Land will personally walk you through the CAT interface, talk about capabilities, and answer any questions you have about how to use CAT for your next content inventory or audit project.

Summer Content Strategy Hits

Collaborating on Content
For most of us, content is a team effort and collaboration is key. We know content audits are most successful when we can harness a group's perspectives and get everyone involved to also be on board with objectives, audiences, quality measures. That's why we found Distilled's Kyra Kuik article so spot on. In How to Develop and Maintain a Content Team, she takes on support and feeding a collaborative team effort by starting with goals and moving on to understanding audience. She shows that for content marketing to be a successful tactic, you need a strategy that involves the team.

Do you DITA?
We offer a round-up of articles from the Summer of DITA. Rahel Bailie officially declared 2013 the time for DITA discussion and kicked off an excellent series on her blog as well as discussion at the Content Strategy Google group. We're always happy to talk structured content and look forward to tracking these resources. We're pretty sure DITA is more than a one-season topic.

What's On Your Website?

If you want to know more about your content assets, the best source of knowledge is a detailed content inventory. An automated inventory can help you assess your content faster and move on the analysis and action phase sooner. That's what CAT is made to do. If you haven't run a CAT inventory of your website, please take a run and tell us what you think.

Already a fan of CAT? We could use your help spreading the word. If you like the tool, please consider telling a colleague, co-worker, friend or the whole Internet. 

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