The Content Insight Newsletter - January 2014

Content Audit, No Problem.

Starting the year with a content audit. It's a great resolution, an excellent way to move forward by refreshing the current and planning for the new. So, have you started yours?

If something is keeping you from evaluating your website, it's time to break down the audit process into steps you can accomplish. Starting with a CAT inventory, you can proceed directly to audit. Stumped on where to start? On our blog, we look specifically at the questions of who is engaged with your content and what they should do about it.

  • Who is creating and managing your website content?
  • Who is it meant to reach?
  • What action is needed?

Three little areas that can illuminate internal and external audiences for your content. Fit the necessary action into your content lifecycle or governance strategy and you've made great strides towards actionable insights. We built custom columns into the CAT dashboard so you don't have to export a spreadsheet to start your evaluation. Add your own columns and tag sets, and start your analysis right there in the dashboard. 

Say hello at Intelligent Content

If you're going to Intelligent Content (San Jose, February 26-28) be sure to find our table in the exhibits area and say hello. We'll be happy to do in-person demos and answer all your CAT questions.

Will you Confab?

Confab Central released the speakers and topics for their Minneapolis event running May 7-9, 2014. This content strategy conference is packed with knowledge, networking and of course, sugar. Lots of sugar. It helps keep brains energized for the incredible learning opportunities. Cake pairs well with Scaling the Content Audit: Methods for Exploring Your Content Ecosystem, one of our team members' contributions to this year's program. There are four Confab Events this year, Higher Ed, Nonprofits and a European version, so you certainly can pick your flavor.

Done with your content audit? Already?!

Congratulations! Want to squeeze that spreadsheet for next steps?

Kuno Creative's Jennifer King has some tips for optimizing your content audit. For those in content marketing (or just about anyone who creates and manages content), King gives a quick walk-through of how to turn that data into insights you can use to further evaluate and improve your content performance.

As always, keep in touch

What's your content inventory and audit story? We love to hear from you, from the highs of successful content strategies to the horror stories of inventories gone bad. Find us on Twitter for a content-centric chat or send us a story through our website.
Confab Minneapolis

2014 Upcoming Events

February 26-28
Intelligent Content
San Jose, CA
Multichannel and Delivery

March 26-30
IA Summit
San Diego, CA
Information Architecture

April 23-24
Now What Conference
Sioux Falls, SD
Web CMS and Governance

May 7-9
Confab Central
Minneapolis, MN
Content Strategy

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