The Content Insight Newsletter - June 2014

It's never too late to get know your content

Once you have a content inventory, you can start the important process of defining the goals, target audiences, and best practices that will drive your content's future. Content audits and analysis can help you improve and optimize what you have and make informed decisions about how you create, edit, publish, and distribute content going forward.

A faster way to assess content

What's your context? The market environment, behavior and needs of audiences, competitors, and opportunities that surround your business greatly impact how you move forward with creating and implementing a content strategy. A content inventory can help you understand the content assets you own and greatly impact the scope and scale of how you assess that content in terms of your business context.

The inventory prepares the ground for the next stage, in which you'll want to analyze the quality of your content against contextual benchmarks with an audit. For a faster, more efficient content audit, first consider what the organization wants, who it wants to reach, and the business objectives that apply to the content and delivery systems. Ready to move on evaluation? Find more tips for streamlining the process in our recent blog post, "Creating content audits that deliver results."


See you Frankfurt?

We're thrilled to sponsor Content Strategy Forum 2014 in Frankfurt this July 1-3. Visit our booth to sign up for a free content inventory and a personal walk-through with Paula Land, co-founder and CEO. Getting to know your content is an added conference take

Want to attend CSForum 14? If you're on the fence about attending, we have a special discount code to offer that may help you decide. Contact us for a promo code that will let you take 100 to 200 Euros off the regular conference price. Let us know if you'd like to attend the conference or conference + workshop.

Try CAT wherever you are

If you're not in Frankfurt but you'd still like to see how CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, can help you create complete content inventories fast, request a demo with Paula Land. Learn how your business, agency, team or project can benefit from an affordable tool that quickly gathers your website content and offers you insights into its organization and overall health. With new enhanced analytics feature, you can start prioritizing your content evaluation right from the dashboard.


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