The Content Insight Newsletter - March 2014

Content Intelligence Now

Creating the best content experience starts with knowing what you have and assessing how it can improve. This month, we're excited to announce that we've added new features to CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, to  help you delve even deeper into your content audit. Creating and acting on your content strategy just got faster and easier.

Search Us

We are particularly excited to announce that we've added search to the dashboard. Now you can dive deeper into your job data and search for words, phrases, URL fragments or file names in your job details, resource details, or both. Ever wished you could find all the pages an image appears on? Or where a particular keyword is used? Now you can quickly find all those instances. You can even export the results of your search so you can pass that information on to a colleague. Try the new search feature in your next job.

Bulk Tags

If you've had a chance to use the custom columns and tagging feature in the dashboard, you'll be happy to know that you can now apply custom tags in bulk to multiple files with one click. Work within the dashboard to apply terms your content inventory list for improved findability, sorting, and action. With bulk tags you can enrich your dashboard data with your own annotations quickly and easily.

Great New Resource Released

The first book in the Content Wrangler Content Strategy series has been released. The Language of Content Strategy, edited by Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie, features 52 definitions and essays about content strategy-related terms written by 52 experts. Content Insight co-founder Paula Land wrote the entry on (what else?) content inventories.

New Look for Content Insight

Acting on our own most recent content audit, we've refreshed our website. We migrated to a new CMS (using our CAT inventory to create the migration list and plan redirects), adding more navigation and access to tags for easier paths to blog posts, help, articles, and resources. We're looking forward to what we can do with the new look (and infrastructure). If you're considering a website or CMS migration, we recommend starting by reading conducting a content audit and checking out the great resources from David Hobbs.

CAT's Origin Story

Want to know how CAT came to be? CEO Paula Land shares the story at the University of Washington iSchool's website: “All those years of doing content inventories, I kept asking ‘Why doesn’t somebody build a tool to do this?’ Finally I asked myself, ‘Why don’t I build it?’” says Land. “I thought, if you could use a computer to do the compiling part, then humans could get to the part that humans do well, which is the auditing, analysis, and decision-making."

More Content Inventory, Please

Lullabot's Jeff Eaton recently interviewed Misty Weaver, a lecturer at the UW iSchool and CAT staffer. Jeff and Misty talked about content inventories, audits and planning. All of those topics will also be on the table with upcoming content strategy events like Confab and CS Forum too. From Information Architecture to User Experience, Project Management to Community Management, we do love how a good audit can create all kinds of better results.

Upcoming Events

March 26-30
IA Summit
San Diego, CA
Information Architecture

April 23-24
Now What Conference
Sioux Falls, SD
Web CMS and Governance

Content Strategy Events
May 7-9
Confab Central
Minneapolis, MN

June 16
Confab for Nonprofits
Chicago, IL

July 1-3
CS Forum
Frankfurt, Germany

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