The Content Insight Newsletter - May 2014

Celebrating Content Renewal

If your content is crying out for care and feeding, it may be time to review and renew. Break out that content inventory, start a content audit, or check in on your content's performance. The best way to meet your mid-year goals is to get ahead of them!

Develop your content confidence

Did you start the year with big goals to gather your content, analyze, and act on your insights? Maybe you're a little behind or haven't started yet? There's still plenty of time. We're celebrating May by making a point to renew resolutions to better understand content assets.

One way to better understand your content's effectiveness is to look at analytics data. We're excited to announce that we've enhanced the Google Analytics capability in CAT. Now you can choose any or all of the six major data points (pageviews, unique pageviews, bounce rate, % exit, average time on page, and entrances) as well as customizing the date range. More data means more power to track and audit your content. 

Make it a May Day resolution to spring clean your content and freshen things up! See this blog post for pointers on content inventory, audit and on-going optimization. Inspired by Distilled's recent content creation guide and sharp observations from Sarah J Richards of GOV.UK, we want to help you add content assessment to your schedule. Share your May Day resolve with us at @content_insight and we'll add to our  inspiration list.

Find your best assessment

What's preventing you from starting (or completing) a content audit? For some people, it's the word audit. Too scary. For some, it's the knowledge of how vast, complicated or out of condition their content really is. You may be low on budget, people, or buy-in but you can still make the case for a content audit. Our community manager, Misty Weaver, will tackle this topic at Confab with "Scaling the Content Audit: Methods for Exploring Your Content Ecosystem." We'll collect her tips for our June newsletter.

Treat yourself at Confab!

If you're attending Confab in Minneapolis this May 7-9, stop by and see us. We will be conducting content inventories throughout the conference. Sign up, go to a talk, come back and get a completed content inventory and a chocolate! If you have questions about CAT, content inventories or audits before or after Confab, email us or send a tweet to @content_insight. We love to talk audit.

ICYMI: Webinar on demand

If you missed Paula's latest webinar on conducting content inventories and audits, it's available on demand at the BrightTalk site. 

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