The Content Insight Newsletter - September 2014

Content Inventories and Audits: The Book

We are excited to announce that Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook, by Content Insight co-founder Paula Land, has just been released. The book distills Paula's expertise on the topic of creating content inventories (using CAT, of course!) and using them as the foundation of a strategically-focused content audit. The book covers topics like how to plan an inventory and audit project, how to create an inventory, and how to audit for quality, performance, global issues, and much more. 

Getting to Yes with CMS
Maybe you're shopping for a new way to manage content or just want a better understanding of why a good CMS is hard to find. In every case, we recommend CMSwire's expert series on finding systems that solve actual business problems for actual working people. From what you can do before you buy to understanding why shiny features and science projects often let you down, these three authors know content management and they care about making it better for you. 

#CMworld Highlights
We have to wait another year before Content Marketing World 2015, but we can still revel in the great presentations and conversations from the 2014 event. Here are a few pieces we think deserve special mention

Strategy First, Look Before You Leap by Kristina Halvorson
For excellent examples of what content strategy is and why it's critical to messaging that impacts and endures.

Build Better Content by Jon Colman
Because we can all work together to deliver better content experiences.

Getting Started with Adaptive Content by Jenny Magic and Melissa Breker
Start with understanding your audiences so you can adapt and connect. #chunkthatblob

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