The Content Insight Newsletter - December 2013

Bringing People to Your Content

Kicking off 2014 with a content audit can make you feel...overwhelmed. A successful content audit can also make you feel powerful. Seriously. It's a resolution to understand what content you have and if it's working for your goals and audiences. You can drastically reduce the time and trouble of content evaluation by focusing on a few preliminaries. This month, we're looking at why we create and manage content - people.

Understanding Audiences with Personas

Once you know your business and project goals, it's time to move on to defining your audience. What are the key things you must know about them in order to evaluate current content and plan future initiatives? Personas help us capitalize on what we know about our potential users by giving them names, needs, behaviors and pain points. Marketers, Content Managers, Information Architects and Designers of all sorts benefit from these snapshot-sized user stories. In our blog, we explore four 2013 resources for building personas that are lean, fast and immediately useful. The articles are brief, so there's plenty of time to read them all before the New Year.

Supporting the Internal Team with Collaborative Tools

If more than one person is concerned with your content or content management, collaborative tools can make a big impact on time and communication. We're big fans of GatherContent, which helps your team create together from planning to structure. Their latest rounds of updates, modules for web CMS tools and authoring options make this toolset a team must-have. If most of your work (and time) is spent

  • Sending documents back and forth via email 
  • Sharing spreadsheets with data that quickly expires 
  • Storing documents in so many locations, no one bothers to read them

a collaboration tool can help. To save time, get more done and support happy team members, collaborative tools may be the end of year gift that uplifts. If you need one place to view, sort and start auditing your website content, we built CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, as a cloud-based tool with teams in mind. We've love to support your team in 2014, Request a Demo with our co-founder and CEO, Paula Land and we'll help you maximize CAT's potential.

Now What?

What do you do with a website once it's built? The Now What Conference aims to show all the folks who manage websites how to move beyond the moment and understand the content lifecycle. Tackling real world content, tasks and governance, 'Now What?' has an impressive, expert-packed panel of speakers and workshop presenters. We're excited to see content management systems and sustainability share a stage. South Dakota is the place for content, April 23-24, 2014. Kudos to Blend Interactive for creating and hosting again. 

2014 Upcoming Events

February 26-28
Intelligent Content
San Jose, CA
Multichannel and Delivery

March 26-30
IA Summit
San Diego, CA
Information Architecture

April 23-24
Now What Conference
Sioux Falls, SD
Web CMS and Governance

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