The Content Insight Newsletter - July 2013

CAT Shows Off New Features

Analytics and custom columns help you get to the insights

We're thrilled to announce our latest feature updates. By popular demand, we've added Google Analytics integration and custom columns right in the CAT dashboard. Now you can see the critical analytics data for your pages, like Pageviews, Bounce Rate, and % Exit from a page. Learn how to integrate Google Analytics into your next job.

With custom columns in the dashboard you can now add your own annotations to the files in your content inventory. With this new feature, you have more ability to view and sort columns as you would in a spreadsheet as well as create a set of custom terms based on your research and content audit needs. Want to note who owns each piece of content? What the status is? Add up to three columns, create your customized controlled vocabulary of terms, and start annotating. Custom columns make it easier to work collaboratively as a team. With your inventory and audit in the cloud, there's no worry about versioning and timing. The best part, you may not even need to export a CSV file to audit your content.

Take a tour of your next content inventory

Hangout with our CEO Paula Land for a live demo of CAT

July 17 Google Hangout with our CEO Paula Land for a live demo of CAT. 

We've received a lot of interest in demos of our content analysis tool and there's no better person to lead your test drive than our CEO and co-founder Paula Land. Paula will walk through our feature set and power tips and then take questions. If you're new to content inventories or the CAT tool, this hangout will help you get into the driver's seat of your next content project. Find us at Google+ and sign up here for an invitation.

Industry highlights

Data Sets You Free by Jonathan Colman: A strong case for understanding all kinds of data in content strategy. Jonathan’s slides from Confab Minneapolis present a method for measuring and forecasting with data. Using research you can “learn how to tell the story of your content and audience with data, you'll be able to move onward from just TALKING about content strategy to actually DOING it!” We like doing. We like doing very much.

Anybody need a content audit?

Do you know Audit Otter? We’re thrilled that Webmeadow ( now offers this content audit service (built on a powerful CAT inventory). Real content strategists conduct specialized audits to help you understand and work with your inventory. Highly recommended.

What would you do with a CAT-powered inventory? Tell us about how you’re using CAT to supercharge your services or products.

Content audits don’t fix content problems

In her recent article for 4syllables, Dey Alexander explored the limits of the content inventory and audit process in problem solving. That’s because data needs interpretation: we need to understand context. She offers a great set of questions to get you started on the content problem solving path. It’s truly value added auditing.

See you next month with feature updates, new articles and we hope, feedback from you to share.

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