The Content Insight Newsletter - June 2013

Catching up with CAT

In our inaugural newsletter, you'll find helpful tips to optimize your content audits, events to spark your content strategy initiatives, and insights from industry experts. This June, we're thrilled to attend and sponsor Confab Minneapolis, the premiere North American event for content pros. Stop by our table at the conference to get a sneak peek at our new features, see a demo, or chat about improving your inventory and audit experiences. Catch us online anytime with helpful resources and posts from content strategy professionals in our blog.

New Tricks? No problem

We're excited to announce new features at Confab Minneapolis June 4-5, 2013 that will make automated inventories even richer and more manageable over time. If you're attending, stop by our table and share some cake and conversation. Content Insight is a proud sponsor of the information-packed content fest. There's no better place to launch our latest feature set.

And our first prize goes to … you?

To celebrate, we're holding a Confab-inspired giveaway ( with recent books from Rosenfeld Media. You don't have to attend Confab to register but you can help us by spreading the word. Current newsletter subscribers are eligible to enter, just confirm with your email.

All that and a content audit, too

How can you get the most from your content audit? Content Insight CEO Paula Land authored our on-going series on taking content inventories to the next level with specialized audit. These articles will help you build your inventory template, interpret analytics and connect with your audiences through personas. Paula outlines how qualitative audits can guide discovery based on context and unique-to-you categories. Finish it all by checking out the competition in a competitive audit.

Your content is powerful

In Content Knowledge is Power, Sara Wachter-Boettcher argues that to truly address responsive design and device-ready content, you first need to understand what you have now. Deal with legacy content assets first, she advises, and you’ll have better navigation systems as well as access for search engines and site visitors. Concrete how-to advice is a @sara_ann_marie standard. (That’s why we’re raffling her book Content Everywhere in our giveaway.)

How content inventories save time and money

Estimates and Scoping with Scott Pierce

Scott kicked off our guest blog series with this excellent guide to project estimation using automated content inventories. If you’ve wondered how to leverage the inventory before you sign on to the project or wanted to make more accurate estimates for project timelines, Scott’s valuable tips are a must read.
See you next month with feature updates, new articles and we hope, feedback from you to share.


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