The Content Insight Newsletter - November 2013

Choosing Your Best Fit for Content Analysis

Deciding what level of analysis your content needs is little like choosing which chair is the right size. Sometimes you think you've got the right fit and then the project breaks. Call it Sympathy for Goldilocks, it means choosing how best to evaluate content is still a journey. Luckily, there are more and more guides available these days. This month we looked for content professionals sharing methods for more effective content analysis, people who can help us all find the right fit sooner in our strategy or development process. And because we eat our own porridge, we shared some of our content experiences as well.

Upholding Legacies: Content Migrations, Evaluation and Audits

In the ASIS&T Bulletin, Paula Land writes about the planning, process and roles involved in successful content migrations. Decisions made early in the process inform the project scope and requirements. Aseembling a collaborative team and conducting a full inventory and analysis of the content, ideally before selecting the content management system, help frame an effective discovery phase. From there, content strategists and information architects contribute critical insight on structure, taxonomy, workflow and governance that help ensure the new system maintains usefulness long past implementation. Download the PDF for more information on content migrations.

Content Audit to Content Evaluation

Preparing content for migration may be one reason you chose to inventory and audit content. Additionally, you may be looking for ways to evaluate content for on-going effectiveness and growth. At Content Insight, we’re huge fans of GatherContent and their commitment to providing great learning resources. Steven Wilson-Beales’ overview of their most recent webinar with Colleen Jones is a stellar snapshot of how content evaluation is part of the content strategy lifecycle and how to approach content adjustment after launching a new site, CMS or initiative. Check out Colleen Jones’ new book Does Your Content Worrk? scheduled for 2014 release.

Going Global with Your Content

Preparing content for global consumption is a tremendous topic and task. At LavaCon Portland, Allyson Joyce of Experis offered a mind-saving way to manage the complexity in her presentation “Content Audit in Three Simple Steps.” Her series of questions help guide the content audit to bring focus to your business goals as well as incorporating new audiences and markets. View more of the excellent LavaCon 2013 presentations.

Dealing with the Data

Another way to consider content analysis is by looking at how your current content is performing. Whether you’re investigating a migration or on-going evaluation and upkeep, reviewing your website analytics can help you determine next steps for a content audit. We built analytics into CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, so you can review metrics within the dashboard, viewing critical insights in one place. Are dashboard analytics helping you with content analysis? Let us know about your experience with CAT.

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Upcoming Events for Content Professionals

CS Applied 2013
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Join Paula for a breakout session on content inventories and audits on November 14.

Paula will also be part of an expert panel at CSApplied November 15th with Ann Rockley, Cleve Gibbon, Catherine Toole, and Andrew Bredenkamp.

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