The Content Insight Newsletter - November 2014


Teams Benefit from the Collaborative Content Inventory

Kick off your 2015 content planning with a roadmap for alignment and best use of your owned media. Involve teams from across your organization to turn your inventory into an audit that supports your business goals and user needs.

How can a content inventory help you align your message across functional areas in your organization? Sales, Marketing, Community Management, Customer Service—ideally all of these are working together to give customers the most relevant, useful content possible. Too often, however, people are unaware of what is actually on the website and available to support customer conversations.That can result in missed opportunities to convert.

An up-to-date content inventory can help lead to even better 2015 content planning and execution by offering a map of what and where your content is. Make it even more useful by marking the pages of special use to different functions and you—whether in-house or agency—have created a path back to your organization's greatest owned-media asset, the website. 
Goal: Help sales teams demonstrate value
Task: Identify the content that best support their efforts
  • To prompt and support the buyer's journey
  • To facilitate purchases
Community Management and Customer Service
Goal: Help community managers customize responses
Task: Show them content that
  • Answers specific questions from customers
  • Can build connections and opportunities for conversation
Goal: Help marketing promote your message
Task: Point them to content that is
  • Useful and relevant to target audiences
  • Fun, engaging, and informative
  • Timely, seasonal
The examples above are just a sample of ways to evaluate and mark up inventories. We would love to hear the ways you've customized your audits for collaboration. Share your ideas on Twitter or contact us and share some samples for future blog posts. 

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