The Content Insight Newsletter - September 2013

Balancing Global and Local Strategies

Your audience can be anywhere in the world. They find your content from different locations and with different needs and interpretations of relevance. Accessing your content from many devices and platforms, only a global content strategy that serves audiences, information and technology. This month, we're excited to announce upcoming Global Content Strategy talks at Localization World as well as share tips on leveraging content inventories and audits for diverse contexts and audiences.

Developing a Global Content Strategy

Paula Land at LocWorld
Workshop with Val Swisher

Auditing Content for Global Projects LocWorld Session

Content Audit Tips

From workshops to webinars, we've learned a lot this month from conversations with you and turned them into a serious of Content Audit Tips. From understanding the business context to using data with care, take time upfront to plan your content audit so you can collect and extract the most useful insights for your web or multi-channel projects.

Understanding Inventories & Audits

If you missed Paula's Content Inventories and Audits webinar with Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler, the webcast is now online. This webinar covers the why and the nitty gritty details of how to conduct quantitative inventories and qualitative audits. if you've wondered how to leverage the content audit process to improve your content strategy, grab a cup of coffee and listen along. Warning: References to cake may cause hunger. Coffee and a danish can help.

Get Visual with Content Audits

Tosca Fasso takes content strategy deliverables to the next level with her series on data visualization of content discovery. It's a perfect case of show, don't tell: Read on to learn how to turn your insights into impact when delivering content audit results to clients.
* Keep Your Spreadsheet to Yourself
* Five Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Upcoming Events

The Business Case for Content Strategy
with Jack Molisani
Content Strategy Meetup
Seattle, WA

Localization World
Workshop: Developing a Global Content Strategy
with Paula Land and Val Swisher
Santa Clara, CA

10/9 -10/11/2013
Localization World
Session: Auditing Content for Global Projects
with Paula Land

10/20 - 10/24/2013
Building Strategy from a Multichannel Content Audit
with Misty Weaver
Portland, OR

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