services.jpgIs there a new feature or functionality that would be useful to your business? Do you need help crafting the perfect crawl to get just the data you need? Looking for a partner in turning your inventory into a content strategy? We are happy to offer the following services.

Custom Development and Integration

If you need additional crawl and data gathering and reporting capabilities, we would be happy to discuss extending CAT's feature set to build what you need. If you have a plug-in or complementary tool that might be a good integration option, let us know.

Crawl Concierge

If you have a large or complicated crawl, our Crawl Concierge can work with you to gather your requirements and write and refine a custom crawl to get just the results you need. Our fee for consulting on job setup is $50/hour with a one-hour minimum.Contact us to request service.

Content Strategy Consulting

Our sister agency, Strategic Content, provides full service consulting services in content strategy, content management, user experience design, and taxonomy. Contact Strategic Content.